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I became a professional piercer in 2010, after 2 years of apprenticeship.
As a professionist, I grew up in London, working in one of the city oldest tattoo shop. I decided to go back to my country in 2012 and, after few collaborations, I became the resident piercer at Ink Factory Tattoo Shop by Valentina Calaresu, in Rome.
I keep updating my piercing skills, so as my jewelry offer.
I love doing "Curated Ear" projects, with a particular eye of my clients anatomy and their needs.
Don't exitate to contact me for further informations.

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Ear Creations

I make ear curation project on you own ear! Do you want to see how a piercing or more piercings will suit you? Would you like to chek it with a specific piece of jewelry? Just send me via WhatsApp your ear picture and some references (if you have them, they are not mandatory!) and I will design the perfect look for your needs and anatomy!

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Body Jewellery


• Wash your hands before touching your new piercing
• Never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol products
• Do not rotate or move your piercing jewelry
• Do not pull or remove any scubs you may have around the fresh wound
• Do not remove the jewelry
• Try to not sleep on your new piercing. Ear piercing: a travel pillow can be useful to sleep
• Avoid sea water, pool, sauna for at least the first month

• Apply a compress of saline solution for roughly 5 minutes. Gently remove the scubs. Repeat twice a day, mornig and evening.
• Wash your piercing with warm water and mild soap while showering.
• After washing the piercing, both saline solution and shower, dry it carefully
• Keep cleaning your piercing for three months
• Avoid make-up around the fresh piercing for at least a month. (Nose)

• Wash your mouth with alcohol free mouth fash after breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have a snack wash your piercing with water.
• After 2-4 weeks change your piercing barbell with a shorter one (Tongue)
• Avoid spicy food, chewing gum, smoke and alcohol for the healing period.


• Twice a day wash your mouth with alcohol free mouthwash to clean the inside part of your piercing. For the outside, apply a compress of saline solution for 5 minutes, remove any scubs you may have carefully.
• When you wash your face you can wash your piercing with warm water and mild soap.
• Avoid make-up around the fresh piercing for at least a month.
• After 2-4 weeks change you jewerly with a shorter one.


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